About Us

Alexa Model and Talent Mgmt., Inc. was established intially as a fashion agency and specialized in developing new faces to book locally, as well as new faces to place in outside markets such as New York, Paris, Tokyo, South Africa, Germany, Chicago and LA. Over the course of time, Alexa has gone on to expand their client and model base to not only develop and book fashion, but to also handle lifestyle models as well as children.

In 1995 Alexa became a SAG licensed agency and broke into the television and film market, therefore expanding the already growing talent and client base. Alexa has a great reputation within the community and has contributed on numerous occasions with the media, both television and newspapers, as well as the Hillsborough Bar Association on educating the area as to what the industry is about and what an “agency” should be. Alexa serves as an advisor to the International Academy of Design and Technology.

Alexa looks forward to continuing their relationship with all of the wonderful clients, models and talent, as well as seeing lots of new faces, new talent and new clients like you!

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